A plan to restructure Detroit's ailing school district is set for review in a legislative committee.

The Senate Government Operations Committee will hold the first hearing on Gov. Rick Snyder's plan on Thursday.

He's proposing $715 million more in state funding over 10 years for the district, which he warns will start running out of money to pay bills this spring.

Students would attend school in a new district, while the old one would remain intact to retire operating debt.

The legislation doesn't yet identify a funding source.

Muskegon Area Intermediate School District

The Muskegon Area Promise has reached a million dollars in funding, surpassing initial funding goals, and officials say it's on track to expand county-wide. 

The budding two-year scholarship program through Muskegon Community College and Baker College of Muskegon announced new donations on Friday, and welcomed its first 14 recipients from three area schools.

Megan Byard is a Promise coordinator with the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District.

School Talk

Dec 18, 2015

School Talk, a monthly conversation with guests from a West Michigan school district. Today, the Superintendent from Wyoming Public Schools, Tom Reeder, joins us to talk about a Balanced Calendar, Reading Now Network, and more.

Grand Rapids Symphony

Dec 10, 2015
Grand Rapids Symphony

Monthly, guests on behalf of the Grand Rapids Symphony share their happenings with us. Today, First Lady Laker Marcia Haas tells us about the symphony’s many education programs.

We talk about Mindfulness for Educators and an upcoming workshop to cultivate curiosity and kindness.  Guest join us in studio to for a conversation on the topic.

School for Tomorrow

Oct 13, 2015

Founder and Head of School for Tomorrow, Alan Shusterman, joins The Morning Show to talk about his recent op-ed in The Hill titled, It's Time to Forget about Memorization.

Tuesday marks the first time the city of Highland Park will not offer high school classes.

The district’s emergency manager Don Weatherspoon closed the city’s only high school due to low enrollment.

But state lawmakers who represent Highland Park say talks are underway to bring back a high school.

Laura Bay, NPTA

Aug 24, 2015

The National President of the PTA, Laura Bay, joins in discuss back to school prep and the Be a Learning Hero launch. We speak with Laura.

Talk highlights community role in tackling inequality

Jun 24, 2015
Western Michigan University

“Particularly in the field of education, they talk about achievement gaps. What we really should be talking about are opportunity gaps.” 

 Dr. Timothy Ready is the director of the Lewis Walker Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnic Relations at Western Michigan University.  “It shows up in education outcomes, it shows up in economic outcomes, it shows up in all kinds of fields.”   Ready's discussion looked at local data for Kalamazoo and Kent Counties; both of which experience greater inequalities across racial and economic lines – both also heavier in their respective city cores.