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Straight Talk on Health

How do you live your healthiest life when health information seems to change every day? Each week on Straight Talk on Health, Dr. Chet Zelasko examines the health headlines, digs into the latest research studies, explores the claims of miracle nutrients and diets, and gives you his insight about what’s real and what’s not so you can make informed decisions about your health. Straight Talk on Health airs Tuesday afternoons during WGVU’s Midday West Michigan.

The health information Dr. Chet talks about is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for medical advice from your healthcare provider; it should not be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease. This information is, however, designed to motivate you to work towards better health, which includes seeing your healthcare professional regularly.

Latest Episodes
  • With just about half of the adult population in the USA having hypertension, “how do I lower my blood pressure” is a common question. Dr. Chet’s initial response would be to ask what have you been doing for yourself. Chet takes a look at hypertension on today’s episode of Straight Talk on Health.
  • In this episode, Dr. Chet is going to address some of the questions you’ve asked and a couple you haven’t asked yet. The goal is to help you improve your health by getting into some better habits
  • The microbiome contains all the microbes we’ve been exposed to but do we take care of it and nurture it? Is it responsible for our declining health and immune system? We’ll take a look at what some are calling our newly discovered organ on today’s episode.
  • On this first Straight Talk on Health episode of the new year Dr. Chet looks at a question that he got from a long time listener. The answer to the question can lead to a whole different look at lifestyle over a lifetime
  • Why would you perform a study that you knew would fail? That’s what a large group of researchers from the Cleveland Clinic recently did. Why would they do that? Dr. Chet will give you some things to ponder in this episode of the podcast
  • 15 years ago, the USPTF changed their recommendations for when men should get PSA tests. The prior recommendations resulted in additional tests to reach a diagnosis but the PSA screening did not appear to influence mortality. A recent study may show that recommendation may have been premature
  • If orthopedic surgery is in your future, you might want to listen to this episode. Dr. Chet Zelasko interviews a surgeon who has developed a prehabilitation program that has achieved some great results. Dr. Chet with Dr. Scott Russo on this edition of the Straight Talk on Health podcast
  • The holiday season is upon us. This is the time when food is plentiful for most people and foods found only at this time of the year. Do you have a plan for limiting your weight gain this year? Dr. Chet talks about strategies that may help, but it all depends on you
  • Can refined fiber cause liver cancer? That’s what a recent health headline seemed to suggest. Dr. Chet Zelasko will get into the details of this study to find out if it’s true for everyone on this edition of Straight Talk on Health
  • If you were offered a colonoscopy free of charge, would you do it? Would you believe most people said no? More importantly, should you have regular colonoscopies? Find out what the latest research recommends on today’s edition of Straight Talk on Health with Dr. Chet Zelasko