U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga portrait

U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-Zeeland) talks about Michigan Primary results, his take on front-runner Donald Trump and what the delegate count means heading into the GOP National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.   

While Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has so far remained neutral in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley has endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich. GOP candidate Donald Trump won the Michigan Primary with 37% of the vote. Ted Cruz came in 2nd place with 25% and Kasich came in a strong 3rd place with 24% of the vote. We spoke with Lt. Gov. Calley about Kasich's chances to win the nomination.


In tight races the Michigan Primary winners were Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump.  WGVU spoke with West Michigan voters and lawmakers for reaction and some analysis.

“It looks like the donkey and the elephant are very unhappy today.”

That’s Thomas Ojeda attending the Kent County GOP Primary Watch Party explain how the party establishments took a beating in Michigan. Ojeda leaning Donald Trump.


Republican Blake Edmonds says while he lost the race for the 75th District House seat, it was a positive campaign and he ran on the issues.

He tells WGVU the campaign was about what was best for the people of Grand Rapids.

From the Kent County GOP Primary Watch Party, candidate Blake Edmonds conceded to Democrat David LaGrand.


Michigan Democrats like their presidential candidates.

“They have a very positive view of both Clinton and Sanders 80 percent favorable rating for Clinton 72 percent favorable rating for Sanders.”

That’s EPIC-MRA President, Bernie Porn. He explains that’s where the feel good ends. Among the 400 registered Democrats surveyed by Lansing-based EPIC-MRA, Democratic frontrunner Hilary Clinton maintains a clear lead 56 percent to Bernie Sanders 31%.

Gov. Rick Snyder is holding firm to his vow to stay in office amid growing calls for his resignation.

Both Democratic presidential candidates called for Snyder to resign during their debate in Flint. It was the first time former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said he should step down over Flint’s water crisis.


The governor says that’s not going to happen.

“I’m not resigning, I’m going to solve this problem,” Snyder told reporters after an appearance in Detroit on Monday.

“I said I was sorry and I’m going to fix it.”

The Michigan Primary is tomorrow and we’ve connected with Republicans and Democrats. This past week, The Michigan Political Leadership program featured Jim Messina, CPAC Co chair for Hillary Clinton, and Karl Rove, Republic Political Strategist. The Roving Microphone caught up with both of them.


Karl Rove was the mastermind behind President George W. Bush’s 200 and 2004 campaigns. Recently, Rove was in Grand Rapids for the Michigan Political Leadership Program. What does he make of the field of candidates and their chances in Tuesday’s Michigan Primary? Rove talks about that and the number of delegates needed to win the GOP nomination.


Less than 24-hours after Republican presidential candidates verbally spared during a Thursday night debate in Detroit, two presidential political strategists, Karl Rove and Jim Messina, were in Grand Rapids for the Michigan Political Leadership Program. What do they make of the field of candidates and their chances in Tuesday’s Michigan Primary?

You may have heard by now this is Super Tuesday when voters in 13 states take part in primaries and caucuses. Michigan voters will need to wait a week until March 8th. How’s the Republican race shaping up here?

WGVU breaks down polling data from Lansing-based Target-Insight that shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead.

Michigan Republicans will vote in large numbers March 8th. Of the 400 registered Republicans surveyed by Target-Insyght, 90% said they are almost certain to cast a primary vote.