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Kayla Sosa is a general news reporter for WGVU Public Radio.

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A total of $750,000 is being allocated to the Third Ward Equity Fund.

Eric DeLong, Deputy City Manager, said through this fund, the city is recognizing decades of inequity to the south east side of Grand Rapids.

“We have recognized as a community that those disparities exist and we know that, in order to be successful, we’ve got to work to reduce those,” he said.

Most African Americans in Grand Rapids live in the third ward, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to an energized crowd of about 200 West Michigan trade workers and community members Saturday afternoon at a local union hall.

The Independent from Vermont running in the democratic field of candidates began the rally on the topic of healthcare.


“In my view, healthcare is a human right, whether you’re rich, or whether you’re poor, or whether you’re middle class,” Sanders said. “We right now have a dysfunctional healthcare system.”


Courtesy Erin Cataldo

Nigerian born chef Tunde Wey is hosting a Culinary Conversations event at the Downtown Market. Using food to discuss heavy topics, Wey will focus on disparities in the food system, and racial disparities across the board. WGVU's Kayla Sosa sat down to chat with Wey on what his conversations revolve around, and why he chose this line of work. 

Steve Guitar, City of Grand Rapids


“The Grand Rapids neighborhood summit is a daylong opportunity for residents and stakeholders to come together to get to know each other build relationships and also build awareness and skills to take back into their communities to strengthen neighborhoods and to advance equity from wherever they are and from wherever they lead.”

That is Stacy Stout – she is the assistant to the City Manager of Grand Rapids. She says this is the fifth year the city will be hosting the daylong conference. An endeavor she says that has taken a year to plan for.