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Muskegon County declares "state of emergency" after severe storms hit

Wikimedia Commons

Muskegon County officials declared a state of emergency two days after severe storms ravaged the area

As severe storms tore through Muskegon County early Tuesday morning, wind speeds reached more than 70 miles an hour, bringing down trees, utility poles and powerlines across the county.

Emergency dispatchers fielded more than 700 calls in the storm’s first hour. Two people were injured by falling trees, and 37,000 residents were left without electricity.

County Board of Commissioners Chairperson Charles T. Nash submitted a letter Thursday to state and federal agencies, explaining the storms resulted in “widespread severe damage, injuries or property damage” throughout Muskegon County.

Nash cited substantial damage to critical infrastructure including electric systems, significant damage to property in multiple areas, and hazardous debris on roadways which impacted emergency response.

The declaration noted “local resources are being utilized to the fullest possible extent.”

County officials are now waiting for the governor to respond to the emergency declaration in hopes of securing more funds for recovery.

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