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Request to expand Muskegon's social district voted down

Beer flight
Pure Michigan
Pure Michigan
Beer flight

City commissioners voted down a proposal expanding the Muskegon Social Drinking District due to safety concerns

Muskegon’s current social drinking district is along Western Avenue between Seventh Street and Pine, including several adjoining blocks.

Three local businesses sent a formal letter of interest requesting an expanded district across Seaway Drive to include Lakehouse Waterfront Grille, Pigeon Hill Brewing, and the Shoreline Inn.

Commissioners expressed interest in the expansion but have concerns about heavy traffic and pedestrian safety crossing Seaway Drive at the 3rd and 5th Street crosswalks.

Ward 9 Commissioner Katrina Kochin:

“There’s people already walking back and forth, and doing this anyways but we want to make sure people are being safe. We want to deter them from crossing Seaway and doing that and getting hit by cars.”

Commissioner Rachel Gorman asked about timing at the crosswalks.

“Can we make the timers longer at 3rd Street so we can give people more time to cross?”

“We can certainly reach out to MDOT but MDOT is in control of Shoreline Drive and their priority with timing of lights doesn’t always match ours.”

Mayor Ken Johnson asked for a roll call vote.

“I generally like to know how I’m going to vote before I come to the meetings but this one I’m torn on.”

Commissioners voted down the expansion as proposed but asked the committee representative to research more safety options for a possible future proposal.

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