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Muskegon Heights celebrates federal grant for downtown improvement

Leaders in Muskegon Heights announced a major federal investment to spark redevelopment in the city’s downtown area.

“Today we’re so excited to announce a half a million dollars coming to Muskegon Heights to develop this downtown main streetscape.”

U.S. Representative Hillary Scholten secured the $500 thousand federal grant that will start the groundwork for a multi-million-dollar, multi-year investment to redevelop and revitalize the downtown corridor of Muskegon Heights.

Marla Schneider, President and CEO of Greater Muskegon Economic Development, outlined the plans.

“The streetscape project here on Broadway will feature bike lanes, seating, new lighting, parking lanes and beautification with low-maintenance landscaping.”

The idea is to create a welcoming gateway into downtown to encourage new businesses in now boarded up storefronts in historic buildings, some of which need major renovation, others just a clean-up. Scholten says Muskegon Heights has much to offer.

“From the diverse businesses, the resilient people, the incredible warm community here and located so close to the lakeshore, the opportunity for development and growth is truly endless.”

Mayor Bonnie McGlothin noted with the streetscape project funding underway, previous plans can move forward to improve Rowan City Park, including a splash pad for area families.

“We’ve had all these other adventures going on, in planning and grants. We’re working real hard to get what the city needs.”

She says major improvements begin this fall with road work on Broadway Avenue from Glade to Getty Streets.

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