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Prosecutor: no charges for deputy who left gun in high school restroom

The Kent County Prosecutor will not file charges against a sheriff’s deputy who left his handgun in a high school bathroom where it was found by two students

On Wednesday April 18, Kent County Sheriff’s deputies investigated a loaded handgun found by students on top of a toilet paper dispenser inside a men’s restroom at Kenowa Hills High School.

Video from the hallway outside the bathroom shows a marine patrol deputy who was teaching boater safety at the school entering the bathroom with a gun in his holster and leaving without it.

About forty minutes later, a student going in to change clothes saw the gun then left the bathroom, returning with a second student moments later.

The two immediately reported the discovery to school officials, stating they never touched the gun.

Prosecutor Chris Becker released a statement Wednesday explaining there is no criminal violation to prosecute due to the fact neither student possessed the weapon at any time.

He references the recently passed “Safe Storage” gun legislation, stating under the law as written, it is not enough to simply leave a firearm unattended; a minor must also obtain that firearm and then exhibit it in a public place or to another person in a careless, reckless or threatening manner.

Becker says the two students are to be commended on how they handled the situation; seeing a gun in a bathroom stall, they never touched the weapon and promptly found an adult to report it, adding this is exactly what any child should do under these circumstances.

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