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MI Supreme Court agrees to look at homeless youth case

Michigan Supreme Court
Rick Pluta
Michigan Supreme Court

The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to consider a case where the state Department of Health and Human Services wants to take temporary custody of a troubled child.

The unnamed child central to the case suffered abuse with his original family and was diagnosed with maladies including severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

In the 10 years living with his adoptive family, the boy, among other things, tried to set fires, injured pets and threatened other children in the household.

After a hospital stay, the adoptive parent refused take the child back into her home.

A judge said the court doesn’t have the authority to take custody and turn the child over to the state.

The Court of Appeals reversed the decision.

Now the case is before the Michigan Supreme Court. One of the court’s questions is whether the child can be legally declared a homeless minor.

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