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Governor Whitmer signs Reproductive Health Act

AP Photo/Al Goldis

A bill repealing a requirement for Michiganders to purchase abortion coverage through a separate health insurance rider was signed into law today.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the bill on the ten-year anniversary of her speaking against the health plan policy back when she was the state’s Senate Minority Leader.

Whitmer says it’s a lesson for those fighting to protect reproductive rights.

“Sometimes that work takes longer than days or weeks. Sometimes, maybe it takes a decade and it’s still not truly finished. But staying in that fight is the only way to win that fight.”

But Genevieve Marnon—of “Right to Life of Michigan” says this isn’t about protecting the right to abortion.

“I think this is an attempt for the governor to do what she’s always wanted and, and that’s to force taxpayers to fund her pet project of abortion.”

The bill is part of a larger abortion access package that had already been signed.

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