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Legislature extends Whitmer’s emergency powers


The Legislature convened today to adopt a resolution extending Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency authority to address the COVID-19 health crisis.

Majority Leader Mike Shirkey opened the Senate session with a hymn…

       “…When sorrows like sea billows roll…”

       There was no debate in the House or the Senate as lawmakers entered the chambers in small groups to check in, and then exited. The resolution was adopted on voice votes with no formal roll calls.

                “All those in favor say ‘aye’ Opposed say ‘nay.’ The resolution is adopted.”

       Attendance was limited to the quorum necessary to conduct official business. The tone was somber, in part because the virus is suspected to have cost one lawmaker his life.
                The resolution extends the governor’s emergency authority to April 30th.

The Legislature will have to return to Lansing if another extension is needed. A measure to allow future such votes to be done remotely was referred to a committee with no further action.