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Senate disapproves of Gov. Whitmer’s University Appointments


Senate disapproves of Gov. Whitmer’s University Appointments

And he called a Ferris State University appointee “toxic.” Nesbitt says that appointee has been fiscally irresponsible, but did not give specific details.

Michigan Senate Republicans sunk two of the governor’s appointees to different public university governing bodies today.

Speaking from the floor…Democratic Senator Sean McCann questioned if appointee Jon Hoadley’s background as an openly gay former lawmaker played into the vote.

“Despite all this, we are here today considering his rejection from appointment to the board with him not even having had the benefit of a hearing at Advice and Consent and for other supposed reasons that appear to be a very thin premise at best.”

But Republican Senator Aric Nesbitt says he opposed Hoadley because he’s a current student at Western Michigan University.