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Muskegon mayor and commissioners receiving pay increases for training and travel

Muskegon City Hall
City of Muskegon
Muskegon City Hall

They are all getting a 50-dollar-a-month raise, 600 dollars per year, and Mayor Ken Johnson says he is still making less than minimum wage.

“Rising $8,600 to $9,200 for mayor and rising $6,900 to $7,500 hundred for our city commissioners. Given all the hours I put into this role it comes out to being less than minimum wage.”

City manager Johathan Seyferth says the education, training and travel allowance is also going up.

“For the mayor it increased from $1,500 to $2,000 and for the commissioners from $750 up to $1,000.”

“But this doesn’t even compare to what we spend in gas and wear and tear on our cars.”

That’s Commissioner Teresa Emory. And Mayor Johnson?

“This increase is less than the rate of inflation. This is the first increase in two years and this is less than the rate of inflation so just a little bit of perspective.”

The increase takes effect in January when 3 new members take office.

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