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West Michigan communities reelect mayors and elect new ones

picture of a ballot box G.R.

In Grand Haven Robert Monetza returns to office after a 2 year absence.

In Muskegon Heights councilwoman Bonnie McGlothin defeated incumbent Walter Watt. On the “Torn In 2 with Gregory Roberts” podcast she promised to serve the voters.

“They want improvement, to see improvement within the city. They want to see businesses they want to see new homes. And allow them to be part of some of the decisions and let them know what we are planning on doing and have a voice in it.”

In Holland Nathan Bocks was reelected. On Facebook he pointed to pending projects under his leadership.

“We are planning a downtown ice skating park and new public access to the water front. And city wide high speed internet is on the way.”

In South Haven former school Board president Annie Brown was elected mayor.

“If you think I tiptoe around issues or pussyfoot when the going gets tough, you don’t know me very well.”

And in Whitehall Steve Salter held on to win reelection I’m Phil Dawson.

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