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Pre-sentencing hearing resumes this week for teen who killed four classmates

Ethan Crumbley at sentencing hearing July 27, 2023
Carlos Osorio
AP Photo
Ethan Crumbley at sentencing hearing July 27, 2023

Prosecutors argue the murders at Oxford High School were so heinous the shooter should die in prison, no matter how young he was at the time of the crime

Ethan Crumbley was 15 when he shot four Oxford students to death, most at point-blank range.

Prosecutors say he surrendered afterwards to watch the suffering he’d inflicted.

They say that demands a sentence of life without parole.

But defense attorney Paulette Loftin counters that Crumbley’s parents refused to get mental health care for their son despite his pleas for it and instead bought him a gun.

She says that makes him different from others who may be mentally ill when they commit crimes.

“And that’s because most of them get intervention. That’s because good parents recognize when their child is circling the drain.”

Prosecutors have charged Crumbley’s parents with involuntary manslaughter.

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