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Hearing to determine if school shooter will get life in prison continues

Ethan Crumbley at sentencing hearing July 27, 2023
Carlos Osorio
AP Photo
Ethan Crumbley at sentencing hearing July 27, 2023

Prosecutors and defense attorneys have sparred over the graphic nature of some testimony

Defense attorneys stress the hearing is solely to determine whether Ethan Crumbly, who was 15 at the time of the shooting, is so young he could still be rehabilitated and deserves a chance at parole.

Prosecutors say no, that Crumbley enjoyed the pain he inflicted.

Oxford student Keegan Gregory testified he was hiding in a bathroom with another student and then ran for his life after Crumbly entered, cold and un-emotional, and shot what would be the final victim to die.

GREGORY: “I think when I saw his body I realized if I stayed I was gonna die.”

The defense notes Crumbly sent text messages months before the shooting asking to see a doctor for his mental health but his parents refused.

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