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Muskegon Heights Board of Education votes "no-confidence" in Academy leadership

Daniel Boothe
Daniel Boothe

Managing Board President also fired.

Facing severe staffing shortages this year, the Muskegon Heights Public Schools’ Board of Education this week issued a vote of “no-confidence” in its appointed governing board, while firing its President.

In a statement from the elected Board of Education, the vote for a “no-confidence” resolution is based on the Academy System’s failure to provide a comprehensive corrective action plan to address several issues plaguing the district.

So far, the school year at Muskegon Heights Public Schools has been overshadowed by extreme staffing shortages, heated Board of Education meetings, and protests by parents who are angry over how the district is being managed.

At the Board of Education’s meeting Monday night, the vote of no-confidence also resulted in the termination of managing board President Antonnette Robinson.

Elected Board of Education President Trinell Scott says that parents, students, and the district had waited long enough for action.

“The Board of Education is taking immediate steps now for the good of our school and its students,”,” said BOE President Trinell Scott.

The BOE resolution also indicated that within the next 30 days it will seek additional Board candidates with education and financial experience to help it resolve the concerns identified in its corrective action plan request.

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