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Jessie Ray & the Carolina Catfish are the artists for the March WGVU Pop Up Concert, Wednesday, March 13th at The Pyramid Scheme.  Doors open at 6:30 and the set begins at 7:00pm.  Jessie Ray & the Carolina Catfish are keeping the rock n’ roll beacon blazing with light.  WGVU talks with guitarist, singer and harmonica player Jessie Ray and drummer Brandon Dingo Hopp.

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Marcy Wheeler, a Grand Rapids-based independent journalist specializing in national security writing for emptywheel.net. She's has been following legal aspects of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling into the 2016 Presidential Election. We talk with her about that and what she learned from President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and his testimony to the House Oversight Committee. 

Mark Sanchez
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The reintroduction of legislation could force downtown Grand Rapids residents to pay for city core services. Also, the growth of Association Health Plans and Grand Rapids SmartZone and Smart Garden propose a new contract.

Four Presidents; Nixon, Reagan, Ford and Carter 1981
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The nation observed President's Day Monday, February 18th. We talk with presidential historian and author H.W. Brands who recently visited Grand Valley State University’s Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies presenting Comedian-in-Chief: What Presidents' Humor Says About Them, and About Us.

Brands explores the importance of humor and likeability among American leaders beginning with the seriousness of President George Washington to President Donald Trump.

Sundance Film Festival broadens the conversation in equity

Feb 12, 2019

The 2019 Sundance Film  Festival was held January 23th through February 3rd.  Eric Kuiper from Studio C attended and spoke to WGVU.  He says the overriding theme was one of equity and broadening the conversation.


Tuesday, February 12th @ 10:00pm on WGVU Public Television, PBS FRONTLINE and the Wall Street Journal investigate and expose problematic government hired physicians working in Native American reservation hospitals.

WGVU talks with Wall Street Journal reporter and FRONTLINE correspondent Christopher Weaver about Predator on the Reservation.

The Lego Movie 2 leads the pack in movies opening this weekend, quickly followed by the comedy What Men Want.  Action thriller Cold Pursuit and horror movie The Prodigy is also in theaters.  WGVU talks with Ron Van Timmeran and Eric Kuiper from Studio C about those movies and the latest slate of Indie Films.

The Go Rounds are performing at the next WGVU Pop Up Concert.  It's been rescheduled, due to weather, to Tuesday, February 19th at Fountain St. Church.  It’s an intimate concert performance, followed by a question and answer session.   WGVU has this feature interview with Graham Parsons and Mike Savina, two members of The Go Rounds, a west Michigan band that has an international following.

Mark Sanchez
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A bi-partisan group of former Michigan legislators is pushing for a gas tax increase dedicated to state infrastructure improvements.

A Grand Valley State University economist forecasts a the year ahead with the potential for a shallow recession.

Miss Bala leads west Michigan movie releases

Feb 1, 2019

Miss Bala opens in theaters today, a Hollywood remake of a Mexican film of the same name.  Starring  Gina Rodriquez, Miss Bala is an action thriller in the world of the cross-border drug cartels.  Nicole Kidman stars in the crime drama Destroyer.  And the Oscar nominated documentary Free Solo is screening on Imax.  WGVU talks with Ron Van Timmeran from Studio C.