Fund the Truck

May 17, 2016
Mel Trotter

Mel Trotter Ministries helps feed the hungry, homeless and hurting in Grand Rapids and is now on a mission to Fund the Truck. We talk about the details with developer Abby Sladick.

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Mel Trotter Ministries

A new youth Emergency Shelter is up and running, providing a refuge for young males who are homeless. Mel Trotter Ministries just opened the “Youth Emergency Shelter” a couple of weeks ago to help those in need.

“ A lot of these youths that we’re seeing, something tragic happened in their life, where they no longer have a mom, dad, or family at home.”

Mel Trotter Ministry officials say on any given night in Grand Rapids there can be up to 200 youth that have no place to call home.

Looking at Homelessness

Dec 31, 2015

Kate Nuyen brings us a story about looking at the homeless population differently

Mel Trotter

Mel Trotter Ministries is gearing up for the holidays, including the Food Drive, the Turkey Drop and more. We talk about the details with Abbey Sladick and others.

Shelter for Homeless Youth Hosts Open House

Nov 8, 2015
Mariano Avila / WGVU

On any given night there are 200 homeless teens and children in Grand Rapids. Arbor Circle’s Bridge home is a refuge for youth ages 10-17.

Alex is 22 years old. He has a job, he’s finishing his GED, and is on track to achieve his life goals. But when he was 16, Alex’s life took a rough turn when he traded his troubles at home for the troubles of life on the street.

Degage Ministries
Dégagé Ministries / degageministries.org

ArtPrize is alive and well on the grounds of  Dégagé Ministries. We discuss their 7th year of involvement with their Bob Kreter, marketing manager.  

Mel Trotter

Mel Trotter Ministries hosts its first annual Season of Hope Event, a dinner to raise funds for homeless families. Dennis VanKampen is our guest.

Pathway Home

Sep 3, 2015

Two West Michigan organizations have announced the initiative Pathway Home, a partnership that will increase shelter capacity for homeless families to stable housing more quickly. We speak with guests from Mel Trotter and Family Promise.