Kalamazoo mistakenly gets 53 years of state funding for road

Sep 15, 2016

Credit city of Kalamazoo / kalamazoocity.org

A section of road slightly longer than a football field has mistakenly earned Kalamazoo 53 years of state funding.

Kalamazoo Deputy City Manager Jeff Chamberlain tells MLive that an inaccessible section of Crane Avenue near Crane Park was wrongly certified as a public road in 1963.

The road's status is at the center of a conflict between residents who use it as the only safe way to access their condominium development and city officials who believe it should stay closed to traffic.

The 350-foot segment earned Kalamazoo $192 in local street funding this year.

Michigan Department of Transportation spokesman Nick Shirripa says steps are being taken to decertify the road.

He says the department is aware of Kalamazoo's mistake, although it's unlikely there will be any consequences for the city.