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By Leaps & Bounds: Family Wealth & Income

First Steps Kent
First Steps Kent

Dr. Juan Olivarez joins us for our By Leaps & Bounds segment

The Grand Rapids area has become a highly desirable destination for many people due to its economic opportunities and quality of life. However, the opportunities – and the prosperity they offer – are not evenly or equitably available. 35% of all households in Kent County struggle with basic needs, with Black and Hispanic households far greater represented than the overall county population. As we continue examining why Normal Was Never Enough, we must acknowledge the barriers that generational inequities have created, leading to a norm where People of Color earn significantly less money and have far less assets than the median household in Kent County and what that means for our communities.

Here to discuss is Dr. Juan Olivarez, recently retired as the Distinguished Scholar in Residence for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Grand Valley State University, who currently serves on the Board of Directors of both First Steps Kent and KConnect. Watch this inclusive growth documentary https://bit.ly/3ofKPp3, and learn more about how you can get involved in building a more equitable community and economy in Kent County. View the recent blog on Normal was Never Enough website HERE

Shelley Irwin is the host and producer for The Shelley Irwin Show, a news magazine talk-show format on the local NPR affiliate Monday through Friday. The show, broadcast at 9 a.m., features a wide variety of local and national news makers, plus special features.
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