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State lifting restrictions on animal exhibitions at county fairs

Wikimedia Commons

Efforts to slow the spread of avian influenza in poultry and dairy herds are working

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Director Tim Boring says Michigan is seeing a reduction in the spread of the virus and in new cases but urges continued vigilance of biosecurity measures as youth fair season begins.

Because the state went 30 days with no new cases detected in poultry, Boring is amending the current emergency order to allow animal exhibitions at county fairs.

Effective July 1st, cattle can be exhibited if they’re not lactating or in the last two months of pregnancy and can be shown to have a negative virus test in the last seven days.

Event organizers must keep a list of exhibitors with contact information for tracing purposes if necessary.

Fairs must have signs educating the public about biosecurity at the entry and exit of every livestock barn and maintain proper handwashing stations.

Event organizers are asked to limit the time livestock barns are open to the public and to encourage visitors to stay six feet from animals.

All animals shown should be isolated for 30 days after exhibition.

The amended emergency order is available online at Michigan.gov/birdflu.

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