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HPAI detected in Barry County as new security measures begin statewide

An outbreak of bird flu is affecting dairy cows in the U.S.
Charlie Neibergall
An outbreak of bird flu is affecting dairy cows in the U.S.

Avian flu has now been discovered in a dairy herd in Barry County, state officials say. It comes just as emergency safety measure go into effect

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development director announced the detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza in another dairy herd, this one in Barry County.

As part of the response to the outbreak, MDARD is working with the herd’s veterinarian to monitor the health of the animals and to conduct tracing of the disease.

The finding comes just as elevated biosecurity regulations go into effect Wednesday statewide.

The emergency response order now requires all cattle producers to follow increased safety restrictions in moving and tracking animals, cleaning equipment, and monitoring people who come in contact with cattle or poultry.

HPAI is highly contagious among birds and nearly always fatal, decimating entire flocks in days.

Cattle can be treated and generally survive.

State and national officials are closely monitoring the outbreaks in several states and say the risk to humans remains very low.

They say the food supply is safe, and always recommend people consume only pasteurized milk or milk products.

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