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Kent Co. Animal Shelter opens park for dogs in their care

Kent County Animal Shelter

The state-of-the-art dog park was made possible through an endowment from the Marie B Schipper Trust

44,000 square feet of outdoor play space with platforms, ramps, an obstacle course, and places to find hidden treats – that’s what’s in store for the dogs that temporarily call the Kent County Animal Shelter home.

Director Angela Hollinshead says relaxed, comfortable animals are easier to adopt out so enrichment for the animals’ physical and mental health is a benefit on many levels.

“They can feel the dirt on their paws. They can smell where the squirrels have been. They can dig around in the dirt and they can do all the things dogs love to do, and those activities reduce a lot of stress in shelter dogs.”

The project is possible through a $90,000 endowment from the Marie B Schipper Trust. She was a Kent County resident who died in 2021 at the age of 85, who had a lifelong passion for animals.

“When I opened the envelope and started reading what it was my heart skipped a beat. Immediately I thought this is likely the largest gift we’ve ever received at the shelter.”

The shelter also allocated $30,000 of the endowment to replace an outdated x-ray machine with a new digital one. Hollinshead says the shelter is fortunate to receive regular estate gifts which help cover everyday care for the animals. Occasional large gifts offer opportunities for special projects.

“And we have kind of a wish list of things we’d like to accomplish.”

For more on including the Kent County Animal Shelter in estate planning or to see animals available for adoption, visit their website: https://www.accesskent.com/Departments/AnimalShelter/

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