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Ottawa Co. board not rearranging committee assignments

Ottawa County Administration Building
Ottawa County Administration Building

Newly elected Democrat Chris Kleinjans will not be appointed to the Parks Commission

“I’d encourage everyone to vote no on this.”

Chairman Joe Moss and the conservative republican majority on the Ottawa County board rejected democratic commissioner Doug Zylstra’s suggestion to appoint new commissioner Chris Kleinjans to the Parks Commission, the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council and the Regional Airport Authority..

“I’d like to see Chris get more experience and have more opportunities to contribute to this board.”

The proposal was endorsed by Commissioner Roger Bergman

“I think that we owe it to Chris to have an opportunity to learn some of these other committees and their tasks.”

But republican commissioner Sylvia Rhode took exception to that suggestion.

“We don’t actually owe commissioner Kleinjans anything.”

“I think is just about giving Chris more opportunity to serve.”

The motion to rearrange committee assignments was voted down.

Kleinjans just arrived on the board two weeks ago after defeating Lucy Ebel in a recall election. Board chair Joe Moss says Kleinjans will serve on the Planning and Policy and Strategic Planning Committees and on the Service Employment and Training Council,

“I’m looking forward to serving with Chris.”

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