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Ottawa Co. compensation chair denies trying to influence recall election

Ottawa CO

The Ottawa County Board of Commissioners is not accepting or even considering a recommended 60 percent pay raise, but just the suggestion may have influenced the outcome of a recall election

The unpopular 60 percent pay raise recommendation for the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners was announced just before republican board member Lucy Ebel lost a recall election.

“Was this election interference?”

County Commission chair Joe Moss says the officers compensation commission is led by Ottawa County democratic party chair Larry Jackson. A few days after Jackson and the compensation commission proposed a big pay raise for county commissioners, voters, by a wide margin, recalled republican commissioner Ebul and replaced her with a democrat.

“Larry Jackson is the individual who filed the recall against Commissioner Lucy Ebul.”

Before she was recalled, Lucy Ebel was part of the conservative majority that took control of the county board in 2022. Larry Jackson released a statement denying the 60 percent pay raise recommendation was timed to interfere with the recall election.

“Larry Jackson has a vested interest in seeing republicans lose elections.”

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