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Kruse Park dog beach in Muskegon getting stairs restored

City of Muskegon

For the first time since 2020, pet owners in Muskegon will have steps down to the city’s dog beach on Lake Michigan. The stairs should be in place by May first.

“We have now gone four seasons without access to what is our dog beach.”

Muskegon Mayor Ken Johnson says they have not been able to replace the stairs and handicap accessible ramp to the dog beach in Kruse Park after they were damaged by high water and removed in 2020.

“We do want to provide access to the dog beach.”

“It is definitely a difficult situation.”

That’s Parks and Recreation Director Kyle Karczewski. He says it would cost nearly $2 million to restore the stairs and ramp down to the beach, but for $38,000 they can install some stairs for a temporary fix.

“To get some people down to the beach.’

Some people and pets are getting to the beach without stairs and the mayor says they are damaging sensitive dunes climbing up and down.

“Causing erosion walking down and climbing back up.”

While not a perfect solution Vice Mayor Rebecca St. Clair says it protects the dunes and gets dogs to the beach.

“I don’t want the perfect to be the enemy of the good while we look for perfect.”

The stairs down to the Kruse dog beach should be in place by May first.

“It is an amenity really valuable to the community.”

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