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Cole Waterman on Jonestown's connection to Michigan - Part Two

Entrance to Jonestown
Wikimedia Commons
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Entrance to Jonestown

Fred Stella continues his discussion with MLive reporter Cole Waterman on Common Threads about his reporting on Jonestown and its Michigan victims.

We continue our conversation with Cole Waterman.

Even though it's been over 40 years, the memory of Jonestown and the massacre that ended it still haunts the American psyche. Few realize that the number of Americans killed on that fateful day is the highest right under the Twin Tower attacks of 9/11.

Since the initial reporting of the event, little attention has been paid to any Michigan connections. Recently, MLive reporter Cole Waterman learned of a small group of citizens from various parts of the state who did meet their end in Guyana. He decided to focus on the life and death of one person in particular, Shirlee Fields.

In this episode we discuss how Jonestown fascinated Cole, who was not yet born when this all happened. And we get a glimpse of a hometown girl who grew up with a passion to fight social injustice, but was ultimately led into a toxic cult that belied the ideals she held so strongly.

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