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Richard Lyman Bushman

Richard Lyman Bushman
Wikimedia Commons
Richard Lyman Bushman

Mormon scholar Richard Lyman Bushman is our guest

Fred Stella speaks with Richard Lyman Bushman about his book Joseph Smith's Gold Plates.

Richard Lyman Bushman is an American historian and Gouverneur Morris Professor Emeritus of History at Columbia University, having previously taught at Brigham Young University, Harvard University, Boston University, and the University of Delaware.

Bushman is the author of Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, an important biography of Joseph Smith, progenitor of the Latter Day Saint movement. Bushman also was an editor for the Joseph Smith Papers Project and now serves on the national advisory board.

Bushman has been called "one of the most important scholars of American religious history" of the late-20th century. In 2012, a $3-million donation to the University of Virginia established the Richard Lyman Bushman Chair of Mormon Studies in his honor.

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