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State 911 Committee forms task force to investigate January outages

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The State 9-1-1Committee has announced it’s forming a task force to investigate temporary outages that occurred across Michigan last month. More details about the outages have come to light.

The company that owns and operates the state’s 911 system, says the outages can be linked to an employee bumping into something during a routine maintenance check and created a quote “data storm” that caused the system to not self-correct the error.

Peninsula Fiber Network says it's investing six-million-dollars to upgrade its system to prevent the issue from happening again.

The State 911 Committee’s task force will not only evaluate the cause of the outage, but also the upgrades to the system.

Jeff Troyer is the Chair of the State 911 Committee.

“Whenever there is discrepancies between agencies or service providers and agencies, or like in this case, a network interruption, we have the authority to establish a task force.”

County dispatch officials say they’re still seeking clarity on the root cause of the outage.

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