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Still unclear why central dispatch services went out across Michigan

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It’s still unclear what disrupted central dispatch centers across Michigan from receiving 911 calls Tuesday afternoon. The issue is being linked to a statewide fiber network provider

Roughly 95% of county dispatch offices are connected to the Emergency Service Internet Protocol Network, it helps get calls to the right place.

Jason Torrey is the director of the Grand Traverse County dispatch office. Service there was down for two hours Tuesday. He says Peninsula Fiber Network, who owns and operates the network, has not yet said what caused the outage.

“They deployed technicians, they triage and diagnosed over their network monitoring devices, and they found some transport lines were compromised, to some degree.”

In a written statement, Peninsula Fiber Network’s General Manager Scott Randall said they are quote “conducting a technical evaluation of the cause of the network event and will make the report available to Michigan counties that were impacted.”

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