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Report finds UIA ineffective in processing unemployment claims during pandemic

Unemployment Insurance Agency

A new audit is detailing how Michigan overpaid unemployment claims by billions of dollars during the COVID-19 pandemic

The state Auditor General found the Unemployment Insurance Agency, or “UIA,” also may have wrongly given over a billion-dollars in waivers for the overpayments.

But UIA director Julia Dale is pushing back. She says the report faulted the agency for not providing data while it was still working through the numbers itself.

“It’s very hard with the limited resources and the restrictions we have with our current system to be able to get the work out, make the changes in the system, to enact the waivers, to test them, and then to also say, ‘Yes OAG. Come in and we’ll sit down with you and work through all those.’”

This is the fourth in a series of audits about the state’s handling of pandemic-related unemployment claims.

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