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Millage would overhaul City of Roosevelt Park's 70-year-old playgrounds

Roosevelt Park Community Center playground (above)
City of Roosevelt Park
Roosevelt Park Community Center playground (above)

Voters asked to consider 7-year-tax increase that would update aging structures.

This November, Muskegon County residents in Roosevelt Park will be asked to consider a new millage that, if approved, would overhaul the city’s seven area playgrounds.

Roosevelt Park city officials say, the seven greenspaces currently offered to the community are in desperate need of upgrades, as several of the parks still have playground equipment that is over 70 years old.

The new millage on November’s ballot would change all that, and if voters approve, the homeowner tox would generate an estimated $105,000 in the first year alone.

Aaron Langlois is the Mayor of Roosevelt Park. He says, while the greenspaces currently all look pretty much the same, the long-term vision is to have seven unique parks—each with something different to offer residents.

“We’d like to make each park a destination park,” Langlois said. A tot-lot park, that is more focused on younger/toddler children, we’ve discussed things like dog parks, disc golf, pickleball courts, smash-ball courts, community gardens, so a lot of different ideas and things that we would like to do with our parks,” he said.

Langlois says, he knows with inflation and gas prices being what they are, the new millage is a tough ask, but says it will pay off, considering that the city plans on doubling the money it receives through matching park grants.

If approved, the new, 0.9-mill property tax would be for seven years, and cost owners of a $200,000 home around $90 a year, or roughly $7.50 a month.

The vote is set for November 8th.

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