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Meet the Candidate: (D) Challenger Rep. Terry Sabo

Rep. Terry Sabo (above)
Terry Sabo For State Senate
Rep. Terry Sabo (above)

Rep. Sabo is running for the State Senate in Michigan's 32nd District

Rep. Terry Sabo is finishing his third term in the Michigan House of Representatives. Prior to that, Sabo served for over 25 years as a Muskegon Heights firefighter and police officer and served four years in the United States Air Force. Naming housing and childcare as two critical issues facing the 32nd District, Sabo says voters this November should consider his lifetime of service to the Lakeshore.

“Having the ethics, and the honesty and trust that the community has in me that I have built in over a 30 career here in Muskegon, I think that matters,” Sabo said. “And I really encourage people to look at that, and find who has been there over the years, and who will be in the future.”

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Learn more about Rep. Terry Sabo at: https://www.votesabo.com/home

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