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State House race to watch: Muskegon County's 91st District

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With only four seats separating the Republican majority from the Democratic minority in the state House of Representatives, a number of races in Tuesday’s election are being watched closely by Michigan lawmakers and political insiders. One in particular is in Muskegon County’s 91st District, where incumbent and Republican Greg Van Woerkom  faces challenger and Democrat Brian Hosticka.

Greg Van Woerkom is finishing his up his first term as a state house representative. Prior to being elected, Van Woerkom was the district director for United States Representative Bill Huizenga, and served as the senior policy adviser to United States Representative Pete Hoekstra. He says his dedication to the 91st district has earned him another term.

“My career has been about public service, helping people, trying to build up our community, just trying to continue establish the comeback we have been seeing here in Muskegon County," Van Woerkom said. "I decided to run for office two years ago and was elected to serve; and that continues to be my goal if the people elect me to serve another two years.”

Meanwhile, challenger Brian Hosticka is a small business owner in Whitehall, and an assistant prosecuting attorney for Muskegon County. He says today’s political climate surrounding the coronavirus pandemic compelled him to run for public office.


“What a time I have picked to get involved huh? And that is part of the motivation; because I don’t like what is happening to the country, the divisiveness, I think there is a lot of misinformation, (in fact) I know there is," Hosticka said. "I am worried about regular working people and small business in the wake of the coronavirus. They need more support, there is no question. The rich, the super-rich are getting super richer, and the rest of us are struggling.”

Voters in the 91st will decide on Tuesday.

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