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How MI-2 U.S. House candidates would address the coronavirus pandemic

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WGVU’s Decision 2020 profiles the candidates running for U.S. Representative in Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District. With cases of COVID-19 spiking, WGVU asks how they’d handle the pandemic?

Republican Incumbent, U.S. Representative Bill Huizenga from Zeeland has served the 2nd District since 2011. Huizenga says as a country, we need to reclaim the medical supply chain protecting Americans from coronavirus along with providing the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes for Health with the necessary resources for research. There was also $138 billion allocated for the Paycheck Protection Program. 

“And we need to make sure Patrick, that we're supporting those things, those governmental policies and decisions, that are going to help continue that snap back in the economy. Because that's key for locals for state and for federal government to make sure that tax revenue from economic activity is coming back."

Democratic challenger Reverend Bryan Bergoef of Holland says there needs to be a national rapid test and trace program and enact the guidance of scientists and medical experts.

“Let's reinvest in our public health infrastructure, so that we're prepared when and if something like this comes along because the reality is if we don't address this pandemic properly we're going to continue to see economic challenges and economic fallout.”

If elected, Libertarian Max Riekse of Fruitport says he’d help fast-track a vaccine.

“Now, I am totally against wearing masks making that mandatory. I think you should, but I’m against it to make it mandatory. I think if a vaccine comes, that a lot of people are comfortable with, they should take the vaccine, but not make it mandatory. We’re free born Americans and that’s what Libertarians are about.”

Green Party candidate Jean-Michel Crevier from Holland explains the spread of coronavirus is a subset of climate change.

“There are so many things that we should be doing; mask mandates I think are obviously something that we should be doing. Congress needs to be looking at helping people, I think more than corporations. That’s just one of the basics for the Green Party is help the people.”

For our complete Q&A with the candidates log on to wgvu.org/politics.