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Kent County clerk offers advice to absentee voters ahead of Tuesday’s Presidential Election

Lisa Posthumus Lyons photo

In 2016, Kent County issued nearly 71,000 absentee ballots. In 2020, as of this week, the county has issued more than 205,000 absentee ballots. Nearly 147,000 have been returned to the clerk’s office for about a 71-percent return rate.

The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Friday, October 30th.

“I want to encourage all voters who want to cast their absentee ballot to return their ballot in one of our secure drop boxes in the jurisdiction where you are registered to vote, or I want to encourage you to hand deliver your absentee ballot to your city or township clerk.”

With less than a week before the election, Kent County Clerk, Lisa Posthumus Lyons does not encourage dropping your absentee ballot in the mail.

“Remember, ballots must be returned to the local clerk, or deposited in one of the secure drop boxes by 8 o’clock PM on Election Day. No exceptions.”

Another deadline to keep in mind is Monday, November 2nd. Should you decide to change the vote cast on your submitted absentee ballot, you have until 10am the day before the election to spoil that ballot and be issued a new one.