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Online town hall hosted by Michigan Rep. Bill Huizenga


Michigan Representative Bill Huizenga hosted a Town Hall on Facebook Live Wednesday evening, as residents from the 2nd District posted questions to the social media website. Streaming from Washington D.C., Huizenga began his online Town Hall by immediately addressing critics, angered over his support of President Donald Trump’s health care bill.

“It should not be a surprise to anybody, who either voted for me or against me, that I do not support Obamacare," Huizenga said. "I do not support the functionality of it, we have seen policies that have disappeared, we have seen premiums that have tripled, (and) we have seen co-pays that have becoming crippling.”

Earlier this week, President Trump had warned Congressional Republican’s earlier if they didn’t support the health care bill, they risked political payback and would potentially lose their seats come election season.

Huizenga however, said his support for the bill had nothing to do with pressure from the White House.

“I see someone here is ringing in that me being somehow bullied into voting for this. Not any slight chance of that happening. I am voting ‘yes’ because I believe that, well I know--first and foremost, the ACA, Obamacare is failing, right now it’s drowning,” he said.   

On Tuesday, written letters from Governor Rick Snyder were delivered to every member of Michigan’s congressional delegation to warn how the health care legislation would “adversely impact” Michigan children. When questioned about the letter, Huizenga responded.

“I received Gov. Snyder’s letter, I might add that that was the first official communication that we have had that I have received from the Governor, a lot of what he has asks for is addressed.”

While Huizenga has pledged to vote in favor of the bill, a number of republicans are breaking party lines and will oppose the legislation-- including Michigan Representative Justin Amash.

Huizenga said the vote will take place sometime Thursday evening.  

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