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Rep. Amash hosts town hall in Battle Creek

Daniel Boothe

As town halls have sprung up all over the country, Michigan Representative Justin Amash held his own town hall in Battle Creek Thursday afternoon. 

“We have a very good country here with a very good system. And I understand we have disagreements; especially after this election,” Amash said.

For roughly an hour and a half, The Republican from Michigan’s Third District fielded questions from a mostly liberal sided audience about his support of repealing the Affordable Health Care Act, his support of de-funding Planned Parenthood , and of course, his views on President Donald Trump’s agenda.

“I mean I just came here, because like I was just disgusted with the election," Cindy Fritz of Battle Creek said.  "Every day you turn on the news, and I thought if I just sit home and do nothing, I would just be getting my blood pressure up, and I just had to come here,” she said.  

Fritz, whose anger and frustration with the current Administration mirrors the sentiments of many that have been showing up to town halls all over the country, had a very specific request for Amash.

“What I asked was, I wanted him to make President Trump accountable and ask for his taxes, to show us his taxes,” she said.

A number of Trump supporters were also in attendance at the Town Hall including Jacob Englet, who says liberals need to get over Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election.

“Well there just so many excuses and people are just living in the past. And no matter what happens, Trump is going to be the President, he is the President. That is why I think we just need to get over it. The law says Trump is President, and so there is nothing we can do to really change that,” Englet said.

Thursday’s town hall was Amash’s second this month in the area. Despite knowingly facing a contentious crowd, Amash told WGVU it was his job to show up and listen.

“Its important to be here, to have that conversation with constituents,” he said. 

Rep. Amash has publicly stated that more congressional leaders need to be holding town hall events. Two days ago, Michigan Representative Bill Huizenga announced he will be holding his first of the year on Saturday in Baldwin.  

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