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Grand Rapids Mayor 'deeply concerned' over Trump's immigration ban

As protests have sprung up all over the country in oppossition to President Donald Trump's immigration ban, Grand Rapids mayor Rosalynn Bliss has issued a formal statement. Mayor Bliss began by saying that not only does she not support the ban, but that it does not reflect the character of the city. 

"I am disheartened and deeply concerned by the President’s executive order on immigrants and refugees," Mayor Bliss said in the written statement. "This does not reflect the values of our community." 

Trump's executive order bars citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days including war torn Syria. 

You can read Mayor Bliss full statement below.

I am disheartened and deeply concerned by the President’s executive order on immigrants and refugees. This does not reflect the values of our community.

The City of Grand Rapids is proud to be an active member of the Welcoming Michigan initiative. As a Welcoming City, we have expressed our cooperation, respect and compassion among all in our community, inclusive of immigrants and non-immigrants alike. I am proud that, as a community, we embrace and celebrate the fabric of our city and that we work together to ensure that Grand Rapids is an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.

My colleagues on the City Commission and I, along with City staff, are continuously working on ways to ensure that Grand Rapids remains a welcoming and inclusive community where all residents feel safe. As a City Commission, we recently approved accepting all countries' Consular Identification Cards as an official ID. This allows immigrants to open bank accounts, get library cards and sign up for utilities such as water service and trash removal.

The City is working closely with key local partners to produce outcomes that have a positive impact on our immigrant community. This includes making sure immigrants have the education and information they need to be fully engaged in the local community.

In addition, a group of community stakeholders convened by the Grand Rapids Community Relations Commission is working on action plans for making our city more welcoming to immigrants.

Working together, we can ensure that all residents feel at home in Grand Rapids.

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