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Grand Rapids Inauguration Day "watch party" reactions

Donald Trump
Wikimedia Commons
Joint Congressional Inauguration Committee

As President Donald Trump took the oath of office and was officially sworn in, watch parties across Grand Rapids took place to witness the ushering in of a new presidency. WGVU spoke with a number of people about their immediate reaction to President Trump's inauguration speech.

"We will make America great again!"

As President Donald Trump finished his inaugural speech, a large crowd at kent County GOP headquarters cheered on the new president, and most felt that the speech delivered a unifying message after months of division.

"Speech was very good. Think it says what the majority of people feel. i think it says what the majority of people feel and how things are hopefully going to go down the next four, eight, 12 years."

"really, I really liked it. I wish more of his speeches were like that just because I could tell it was well thought out. I could tell there was a lot of thought that was put into it."

"Um, I thought it was great. I thought that the connections made throughout the Bible are what best sttod out for me."

"Well, the one thing that I think stood out tome and to everybody else is the emphasis that he put on giving back the power to the people of the country."

Those voices were Randy Burtles, Brandon Sinclain, Anne O'Neal and Kasey O'Neal. 

At the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum the room was a little more balanced, but there seemed to be a feeling that everyone hopes Trump is successful for the sake of the country.

Jeff Schwain: "I did not support Trump when I voted. I do not support him now. But I believe that it was very unifying. I thought it was a great attempt at making people like me feel better about the decision."

Across town at the Wealthy Street Theater, a different  type of watch party took place. Musicians underscored the inauguration as a violin sounds as if it were almost crying as Donald Trump gives his inaugural address.

Wealthy Street Theater Director, Erin Wilson, "I feel like everyone that came here from different perspectives, but knew that we were going to score it live, and the theater is in fact it exists in a neighborhood that is largely comprised of live, work artists and minorities, and so, it was pretty true to that I feel."

Daniel Boothe, WGVU News.