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Muskegon County Commission elects new chair


The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners kicked off the New Year with new leadership at its helm. Muskegon County Board of Commissioners unanimously selected former vice-chair Ben Cross as their new chairman in their first meeting of 2017. 

Chairman Cross says the vote of confidence by his peers is an honor he does not take lightly.

“Absolutely you know I mean it’s a very serious position, I mean it is the top position within the board you know quite frankly not a regular seat on the commission, I mean they are all very important, but this one is the boss so to speak,” Cross said.  

Commissioner Cross replaces Terry J. Sabo as the new chairman. Sabo was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in November and represents the 92 seat. Cross says that not only did he learn a lot from Sabo, but Muskegon County can count on the same type of leadership as his predecessor.

“What they can expect underneath my leadership is the same style of leadership is former commissioner Sabo had, the positive attitude, working together, not single handedly doing everything, and to just keeping building the momentum and to keep going to where we’re at, and the second part of that question is, what I’m striving for is jobs, economy, we need to boost this economy in Muskegon county, economic driver is what we need, we need jobs,” Cross said.  

Cross represents District 2, which encompasses the west side of the city of Muskegon, the city of Roosevelt Park and part of Norton Shores. The next County Board of Commissioners meeting will be held January 17th.

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