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Yasmine Mohammed (Part II)

Yasmine Mohammed
Dean Kalyan
Wikimedia Commons
Yasmine Mohammed

Yasmine Mohammed returns to Common Threads to continue our conversation. Yasmine is a human rights campaigner and advocate for the rights of women living within Muslim majority countries and all those who struggle under religious fundamentalism. Her book is titled ‘Unveiled.’

Yasmine Mohammed is the founder of Free Hearts Free Minds, an organization that provides mental health support for members of the LGBT community and freethinkers living within Muslim majority countries where both 'crimes' can be punished by execution.

Her book, Unveiled, is a memoir/polemic that recalls her experiences growing up in a fundamentalist Islamic household and her arranged marriage to a member of Al-Qaeda. In it, she sheds light on the religious trauma that so many women still today are unable to discuss.

Yasmine works with the Ayaan Hirsi Ali Foundation and is on the Board Directors for Humanist Global Charity and for Atheists for Liberty. As well, she's a member of the prestigious Center for Inquiry (CFI) Speaker’s Bureau.

Her website is: https://www.yasminemohammed.com/

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