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Michigan’s rate of new COVID-19 cases has been dropping for more than 29 days, a state scientist reported Wednesday.

“It will be important during this holiday season, as well, and New Year’s Eve, to ensure we’re maintaining that social distancing. That will be very important,” said Sarah Lyon-Callo, head of the epidemiology bureau.

“We’re going to be watching these data throughout the holiday season to determine if we’re going to see any sort of case resurgence,” Lyon-Callo said.

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Nearly two dozen school buses drove past the northern Michigan home of a beloved driver who died from COVID-19.

It was a surprise tribute for Dale Wiersum’s wife. He was a driver for seven years in Cheboygan, a rural district near the tip of the Lower Peninsula where buses play a critical role in getting kids to school.

“He was a friend first,” co-worker Demi Posh said. “Always giving, thoughtful, generous, sincere. There’s not enough words to describe what kind of man Dale was. Everybody went before him. Always.”

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Michigan spent $135.3 million on masks, gloves and other gear during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, when officials were racing against time — and other states — to protect medical personnel and other essential workers, an Associated Press analysis found.

The nationwide analysis found that states paid more than $7 billion for personal protective equipment and crucial medical devices such as ventilators and infrared thermometers between early 2020, when COVID-19 first emerged in the U.S., and late spring.

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Michigan residents who receive food assistance from the state can use their benefits at restaurants, officials said Tuesday.

The program could give a boost to restaurants that are prohibited from offering indoor dining because of coronavirus restrictions imposed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration.

More than 300,000 people will soon be able to use their Bridge Card to buy discounted meals at restaurants, including 1,200 people who are experiencing homelessness, the health department said.

Those eligible include people over 60 and people with a disability.

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Michigan lawmakers and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have agreed to a $465 million pandemic spending plan, including relief payments to businesses and workers struggling to stay afloat because of the coronavirus. The legislation received overwhelming Senate support late Friday and is expected to win House passage Monday. Nearly half of the funding would be used to continue a maximum 26 weeks of unemployment benefits instead of 20 weeks.

Michigan High School Athletic Association
Michigan High School Athletic Association

The Michigan high school fall sports season is stretching into January. Football playoffs will resume Jan. 2. The eight-player championship games will be played Jan. 9, followed by the 11-player finals on Jan. 15-16. The announcement came after the state health director said football and volleyball players and swimmers will participate in a coronavirus antigen-testing program. Volleyball quarterfinals will be held on Jan. 5, with semifinals and finals on Jan. 7-9. Girls swimming and diving finals are scheduled for Jan. 15-16. All indoor winter sports remain suspended until Jan. 16.


Ottawa County health officials are celebrating the long awaited arrival of the now FDA Pfizer COVID vaccine, as the department of public health begab administering the COVID-19 vaccine Friday morning at Grand Valley State University's Holland Campus F. The first dose is to be received by an EMS worker, while more than 200 doses are expected to be given on Friday, with hundreds to follow next week.