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MCHD: Muskegon far from 70% vaccinated as many still reluctant to get the shot


According to the Muskegon County Health Department, vaccine hesitancy is continuing to be a problem, as many still refuse to get the shot. Officials say that the county is no where near meeting President Joe Biden’s goal of having at least 70% of residents at least partially vaccinated by the Fourth of July holiday, despite the fact that those reluctant to get the shot are extremely vulnerable to the new Delta variant of the coronavirus which is emerging out of India.

Kathy Moore is Muskegon County’s Public Health Officer.

“Here in Muskegon County we have quite a way to go,” Moore said. “If we could can hit 60 percent by August, that would be quite an accomplishment,” she said.

So, why are so many people on the Lakeshore hesitant to get vaccinated?

“If I had to zero in on anything, I just think there is an overall distrust of government,” she said.

Which Moore says, is fine. Don’t take the government’s word for it. But do ask your primary care provider, your Doctor, what they recommend when it comes to the vaccine.

Meanwhile, Moore says ages 20-40 make up the largest group of those unwilling to get vaccinated.

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