Mark Washington

Grand Rapids Police Department

At Thursday’s budget meeting Grand Rapids City Manager, Mark Washington explained the police department’s budget will not be cut. Instead, Chief of Police Eric Payne is proposing a $1.13 million budget freeze. 

“So there are no community policing resources that are being cut. There are some adjustments that are being made.”

Screenshot of City Manager Mark Washington presenting 2020-2021 budget to city officials
City of Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids City Manager, Mark Washington, says COVID-19 has forced the local economy to come to a halt creating a revenue shortfall for the city’s next fiscal year’s budget

“We may need to make reductions anywhere between $13 million to $23 million dollars in reduced revenue and expenditures.”

Washington says they are still figuring out exactly where the $5 to $10 million dollar loss in revenue is coming from, but he says a large proportion comes from lost income tax, parking revenue, golf course fees and commercial water customer payments.

Grand Rapids adopts city's first strategic plan

Apr 10, 2019
City of Grand Rapids

For the last five months, city staff and city commissioners have been hands on in determining the elements of the four year plan – which city manager Mark Washington called a “living, and breathing document”.  

“So that this plan does not rest on the shelf, but really becomes a guidepost for us .”

In a news release, the City of Grand Rapids said equity would drive the city’s new vision.

“That we have policies in place that helps to promote equity among various members of our community.” 

Grand Rapids City Hall closes for 2nd time this week

Jan 31, 2019
City of Grand Rapids

On Thursday, Grand Rapids City Manager, Mark Washington, announed that Grand Rapids City Hall was closing for the second time this week due to winter weather. The two-day closure is prompted by snow and icy road conditions and andangerous wind chills. It follows the decision by the State of Michigan and Kent County to close their non-essential offices for another day. 

Grand Rapids Police Department

It’s been several months since the Grand Rapids Police Department released a policy on how officers should interact with children and youth. 

Since its’ release in march, four other incidents occurred where young African American children were handcuffed and held at gunpoint by GRPD. 

This week, GRPD released an extended version of the policy.  

“Its consistent with the previous policy but we strengthened it. Strengthened the definition, we strengthened the guidelines in terms of empowering officers to use their discretion and judgement.” 


The city of Grand Rapids welcomed its new city manager to town this week as Mark Washington’s tenure officially began Monday. Originally from Texas, Washington served as Austin's assistant city manager with a total of 23 years of public service on his resume. His first day on the job Monday in Grand Rapids comes after an exhaustive search by the Grand Rapids City Commission for a new city manager that lasted months and included multiple candidates.