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Kent County along with health departments, healthcare providers and area universities are partnering with the launch of

“Thank you for checking out this website to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Dr. Adam London is director of the Kent County Health Department.

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The Kent County Health Department has issued a Public Health Warning.

The 7-day average for new COVID-19 cases is 682 cases per day. That’s 100 more cases per day on average than last week. With test positivity rates climbing to 16.2% the Kent County Health Department says its reaching “dangerous levels” 

“And most concerning of all, our death rate is continuing to increase. We’re now at 263 deaths here in Kent County and we’re seeing an average of 6.2 new deaths each day here in Kent County. And that’s, of course, the most concerning of all of these measures.”

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The Kent County Health Department is taking to the airwaves with a serious message about COVID. With the hope and goal to stem the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, the Health Department is now partnering with area hospitals in a multi-media ad campaign. 

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Kent County is experiencing a dramatic acceleration of new COVID-19 cases. Over the past week, there’s been an average daily increase of 383 new cases. One month-ago it was about 40 to 50.

The surge is concerning to health officials who warn the case spike could trigger another shutdown if behaviors don’t change.

In Kent County, less than a month ago, the COVID-19 test positivity rate was under 2%. Today, the positivity rate is 10.9%. The average number of weekly deaths from the virus are also climbing from just a couple to near 10.

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The Kent County Health Department announced Monday its experiencing a decline in the number of residents seeking COVID-19 tests, and according to Christopher Bendekgey, the Community Clinical Services Division Director, 40%-50% fewer people are getting tested currently than at the height of infections in early to mid-July. 

So, what’s causing the slowdown? What factors are contributing to fewer tests at health department sites?

Bendekgey weighs in. 

“There’s more organizations coming online with their testing capacities and capabilities,” he explains.

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The number of COVID-19 cases and positivity rate in Kent County are declining at the moment. Although that’s good news, the county health director admits a return to the classroom is going to be imperfect and difficult.

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Kent County’s Health director is asking residents to resist from stigmatizes individuals and groups who have recovered from COVID-19.

In Kent County, 149 residents have died from COVID-19. Of the 6,645 residents have contracted the disease, 5,204 have survived it.

Dr. Adam London, Director of the Kent County Health Department says many of them who have fully recovered are being stigmatized – shunned by some in the community.

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This week, the state moved the Grand Rapids region from a COVID-19 Medium-High risk to Medium risk after the past two weeks indicated new cases remained flat. But it’s the positivity rate that health officials are watching closely.

The Kent County Health Department is recording an average increase of five deaths per week and about 40 new COVID-19 cases per day.

There have been some ups and downs over the past two weeks, but overall, cases are flat. And during that same period some encouraging news; the positivity rate has declined.

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Under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s economic reopening plan there are six phases of reopening. The phase each region falls under is dependent on the number of reported COVID-19 cases. Governor Whitmer says as restaurants, bars, hair and nail salons have reopened – the Lansing and Grand Rapids regions have seen an increase in cases.

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A Grand Rapids area bar has been ordered closed by Kent County officials after it failed to adhere to social distance protocols.

After a cellphone video circulated on social media revealing Grand Rapids’ Social House Tavern crowd in violation of social distance protocols, the Kent County Health Department ordered it closed until further notice.

“We take these things all very seriously. And, in particular, when it comes to bars and restaurants.”

Dr. Adam London is Director of the Kent County Health Department.