2020 general election

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More than 1,350 temporary workers at 14 General Motors facilities in the U.S. will get full-time positions before the end of March, the company says. The workers will start at $21 to $24 per hour depending on their seniority and will get improved health care benefits at a low cost, dental and vision benefits, company 401(k) contributions and annual profit-sharing checks.

The 2020 general election is 86 weeks away. While it may seem early, a statewide poll released Friday takes the temperature of likely Michigan voters. What do they think of President Donald Trump and the job that he's done so far in the White House? How will they vote in 2020?

Lansing-based EPIC-MRA surveyed 600 likely Michigan voters earlier this month; 43% consider themselves Democrats, 42% Republican and 12% Independent.