Whitmer wraps up “unusual process” by signing budget

Sep 30, 2020

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed a 68 (b) billion dollar state budget just before the new fiscal year begins tomorrow.

The budget process this year was swift, secretive, and successful at getting a plan finalized just before the deadline.

       Governor Whitmer said she’s pleased Democrats and Republicans agreed to NOT cut funds for schools and local governments. The budget also includes money to help workers train for careers in skilled trades, and to help reduce African-American infant mortality.

But the budget could NOT have been balanced without federal COVID-19 emergency assistance.

       “This was not an easy process for anyone. COVID-19 created many challenges for us this year.”


The governor said she’s holding out hope Washington can come together on another COVID relief bill to help Michigan and other states with their fiscal challenges in the coming budget year.