Muskegon Times aims to fill news void in the community

Jan 8, 2019

Downtown Muskegon over the holiday season.
Credit Muskegon Times Instagram Page / Muskegon Times


As the city continues to undergo a dramatic transformation, a new online newspaper is hoping to shine a spotlight on all things Muskegon. According to its website, the Muskegon Times, a new daily digital publication aims to “inform and empower” readers, by “providing regular content to a broad, demographically diverse audience.”

Anna Gustafson is an award winning journalist, and is the founder, editor and publisher of the Muskegon Times.

“Our coverage focuses on everything from politics to government, the arts, education, business, issues like race, racism and equity and things like that,” Gustafson said.  

A transplant from New York City, Gustafson says, the negative reaction she received from others after sharing her plans to move to Muskegon ultimately drove her decision to start the online newspaper.

“I was thinking about what this narrative has been about Muskegon,” Gustafson said. “It got me thinking about who has the power when it comes to telling a community’s stories…and why aren’t more of Muskegon’s stories being told? Or if they are being told, how are they being told…because people are definitely listening, and the community is really incredible.”

While downtown Muskegon continues a transformation millions of dollars in the making, Gustafson says it will be equally important for the publication to focus on how underserved populations like the northern east side and Muskegon Heights are affected by the city’s revitalization.

Readers can access the website at